Barbie Princess Costumes: A Living Dream For Girls of All Ages

Combining the best of all things girly, Barbie Princess costumes are a living dream for girls of all ages. Pint-sized Barbie fans and even their mommies will be pleased as strawberry lemonade punch to get dolled up in one of many pretty Barbie Princess costumes. Lovely ladies, young and not-so-young, can live out your storybook dreams dressed in Barbie Princess costumes, from looking out over the kingdom to riding in a fancy horse-drawn carriage. Perfect for special birthday parties, Halloween celebrations, theater productions and even playing fashion dress up games at home, Barbie Princess costumes are a regal way to start the day.

Some of the most loved Barbie Princess costumes come from the Barbie version of the age-old “Prince and the Pauper” story. Unbeknownst to one another, two identical-looking girls, one a blonde princess name Anneliese and the other a brunette pauper named Erkia grow up in the same mountain kingdom. Of course, the princess is tired of her royal duties and the pauper is tired of her grueling work, and the two make a switch to live happily ever after. You’ll feel castle-in-the-clouds happy wearing dress up clothes based on either of these two young ladies.

Most Anneliese Barbie Princess costumes are designed as a majestic, pretty pink ball gown with golden accents and accented with a sparkling tiara, of course! Most Erkia Barbie Princess costumes are still pretty but designed with a more servant-style to the gown. Typically in pale blue, these Barbie Princess costumes also feature a mob-cap style headpiece typical of the lower-status girls of the era.

Another pretty and sure to please choice in Barbie Princess costumes are based on Barbie Genevieve from the animated movie “Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses”. In this sweet little girls show, Barbie stars along with eleven princess sisters who all love to dance. Their widowed father, the King, feels that they are not acting “princessy” enough, but in the end realizes that each one is perfect as they were made. These Barbie Princess costumes are pretty in pink with a real ballerina, tutu feeling about them.

If you love animals, then you’re sure to appreciate the Barbie Princess costumes of Princess Rosella. This young lady featured in “Barbie: The Island Princess” was shipwrecked on a deserted island and raised under the watchful eye of several animals. Ten years later a handsome prince finds her and brings her back to his kingdom; after the usual trials and tribulations, the prince and “Ro” are married – and of course, she is wearing the most beautiful of Barbie Princess costumes. Inspired by nature, these Barbie Princess costumes feature a turquoise blue gown with a pink peplum dress and peacock feather-like enhancements.

To add a bit more royal “wow” to any of our Barbie Princess costumes, make sure to step it up diva doll style with lots of frilly and feminine accessories. All of the Barbie Princess costumes should be crowned with a tiara, diadem or some sort of pretty headpieces. To get in total character for our Barbie Princess costumes, there are a number of long, cascading wigs of waves and ringlets that will beautify brunette, blonde or even red Barbie Princess costumes that will get you noticed. Other accessories for any Queen in training that will make any of your Barbie Princess costumes even more fabulous are some delicate ballet slippers, rhinestone or pearl jewelry and even a magical wand.


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