Hennessey Hammock Expedition Asym Zip For Camping

I have been a tent camper for many years. My son recently purchased a Hammock For Camping and I was quite skeptical at first. After trying his out for a while I decided to make the switch. I am now officially a tree hanger. Living in the Ozarks, I used to spend a fair amount of time searching for a level and not a place which is too rocky to pitch a tent. Now, I just need two trees, which are plentiful around here, to hang a hammock.

I chose the Hennessy Hammock Asym Zip mostly for it’s included bug netting. There are lots of those nasty skeeters around here in the summer.

The setup is very easy and you don’t need to purchase anything else as it comes with tree hanger straps and a rain fly. I see many mods for this hammock but if you learn one knot you really don’t need any mods. I guess you could need a couple of tent stakes but I find I can usually find a tree to tie the fly too. The fly can be used with the hammock or used on its own.

Inside the hammock, there is a ridge line that supports a two compartment mesh bag for your items. I like to hang my headlight there for easy access. Laying diagonally is not a problem for me. I lay almost completely flat and it is very comfortable.

I highly recommend this kind of Best Camping Hammocks for anyone under 6 feet tall and less than 250 pounds.

Hennessey Hammock Expedition Asym Zip

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