The Glory Hole

Nice little hike into a deep, wooded valley. The trailhead starts off a county highway south of Ponca, AR. There really isn’t a parking lot. Just pull off to the side of the road and park on the side of the road. The trail down is about a 400-foot drop. About halfway down on your left there is a small waterfall about 8 feet tall. You can follow the stream on down to The Glory Hole or hoof it back up to the trail.

When you reach The Glory Hole you will be on top of a good-sized cave. There you will find where the water enters the cave ceiling. The water has carved a very interesting hole in the top. From here the trail takes a hard right and makes its way down to the cave. If you time your trip right (wet weather) there will be a waterfall rushing down the hole and onto rocks within the cave.

Below the cave is a large cliff on the left with huge boulders to climb on and around. This is a nice place to enjoy a snack or lunch. The stream continues through this area so you can replenish your water needs if necessary.

The Glory Hole is worth the climb back out.

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