How To Make A Crossbow

How To Make A CrossbowThe Best Way To Make A Crossbow

So you want to make your very own crossbow. This page is going to act as a resource for just how to do that. Having a homemade bow is pretty cool, and I have made a few myself.

If you just want to buy a really nice one, check out our crossbow buyer’s guide and reviews here, or just keep reading to learn the best way to build a crossbow.

Guide to Making Your Own Crossbow

1. Decide on the style that you want (click here to view styles)

  • Are you looking for old school?
  • Do you want to get medieval?
  • Are you looking for something new?
  • Are you actually looking to shoot real arrows?
  • And are you going to hunt with it?

2. Decide which way you want to learn.

There are quite a few blueprints online that will be useful if you like to learn this way (if you want to learn using video, just scroll down).

Crossbow Blueprints in Print

Here is a pdf of a June 1944 Popular Mechanics magazine that gives you directions to create a really nice crossbow. Even though this info is from the 40’s it is still quite detailed. This plan is for making a nice bow so plan on spending a little money with this one.

Here is a link to a wiki how-to. I am not a big fan of this one because I am not a huge fan of drawings as opposed to pictures. On the other hand, this wiki how is super detailed. It walks you through all of the steps to make a decent bow. If you can follow directions easily, then this article will help you build your own crossbow fairly easily.

Wiki How To Make A Crossbow

Videos on Creating A Crossbow

How To Make a Hunting Crossbow

This first video is cool. It walks through the process of making a 72-pound compound bow. That is no joke for a homemade crossbow (especially if you want to hunt with it). Great video that I recommend if this is the type of bow you looking to make.

Paper Crossbow

So this is interesting but it might not be what you are looking for. This is a video on how to make a paper crossbow. Very cool if you have extra time to mess around with this. I have not made one but I am going to give it a shot (no pun intended). I think this would be fun for my 8-year-old.

The Survival Crossbow

And finally, there is the survival crossbow. Ever wonder how to make a crossbow if you are stuck in the wilderness? Ok. Probably not but it’s not a bad idea to see an example in case it ever happens to you. Check out the video below.

So, as you can see, there is more than one way to make a crossbow at home (or out in the wilderness). If you are interested in purchasing a real bow, we have a lot of reviews on this site that you can take a look at. You will also see the best prices available for those crossbows at this site.

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